Thursday, January 27, 2011

iPhone app OCD and my new love affair with Instagram.

I honestly think I have iPhone app OCD. I'm always checking online and in the app store for the newest and greatest apps. Right now I've been really getting into photography apps. A few months ago, I strictly stuck to Plastic Bullet. It was great, but the randomization of the post process got a bit annoying. If I had a particular style in mind I'd often have to wait 10-20 refreshes until i got exactly what I wanted.

The two camera apps I've been using as of recent are Camera+ and Instagram. Camera+ needs no introduction. It's simply a great way of taking photos and making simple tweaks to them. Instagram is a nice little gem I discovered while in Hawaii. Let me just say that I'm loving it!

So the appeal of Instagram is that not only is it a photo manipulation app, but it integrates social networking amongst other photographers and instagram users. The app square crops your pictures and allows users to choose over 10-20 filters to add to give it an aged, vintage look. But what I really love about the process is after you take your photo and decide on a filter, you upload it with a caption and a gps location point. In short it gives a context for all your random phone photos. It is very similar to Facebook's news feed, in which photos from people you follow are updated in a real-time list.

Gizmodo did a recent article on it that I found hugely enlightening. One of their main points for why this app is so great is simply because big time corporations and companies can't really get in on it. It's a very specific social networking site that calls upon its users to create the content for others to see. My only qualm with it is that more of the people I know aren't on it. Hopefully it will catch on, but for now, I'm having a blast using it.

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Here are some recent Instagram photos.


Cliche lines


Mermaid Cafe

Balsamic Oil Hearts

Quite a collection

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