Monday, January 24, 2011


Or how they say it on the internets: Herra-frush.

Recently I've been researching stuff about the modified JDM car scene on the web. More often than not, I cross paths with, which includes subsidiary companies such as Illest, Hellaflush, and Slammed Society. You've probably heard of them if you're into cars. At first glance, the movement looked a bit ridiculous to me. For those that don't know, cars that are considered "hellaflush" are clean cars that have wide wheels with large offsets, stretched tires, negative camber, and sit millimeters off the ground. Most the cars featured on their site have trouble going over the smallest speedbumps, that is to say if they don't just take the speedbump with them. As a company and a brand, I love the logo and typography they use. They do a really great job with the designs and illustrations on their graphics. Also, on their blog, they have a lot of content that caters to my interests: vinyl toys, interior design, electronics/gadgets, etc. All in all, cool stuff, but not for everyone.

Give them a look if you haven't already!

For those that still don't get it, here some visual examples of "h



Getting out of Cali Fast

Because the company is located in the Bay Area, they host car shows every once in awhile. So one weekend I headed up to San Mateo with my girlfriend and dog to check out the eyecandy. There were some amazingly clean cars. Also, I don't think I've ever seen so many Canon 5D Mark II's in one place before. This show was a haven for car enthusiasts an photographers alike. My favorite was the slammed Toyota Prius. A little ridiculous, but just goes to show the movement reaches all car enthusiasts.

Here's some photos I took at Hellaflush's "BBQ By the Bay" in San Mateo, CA.


Blue Audi TT-S


Black "Blob-eye" Subi

Line of EVOs

Illest STI

Red Subi hatch

White "Blob-eye" Subi

Also, here's a cool little video someone made of the event.

Hella Flush BBQ Coyote Point from iPhilms on Vimeo.

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