Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Gift for a Photographer.

My girlfriend and I have been together for two years (on November 20th). I'm writing this post a bit late, as with all these recent posts. Life has the tendency to consume me so I rarely have time to update a blog. I'm trying to change this for the new year. No more of this updating my blog with posts that should have been written 6 months ago!

Portrait of a woman

Back to my girlfriend. She's awesome. Truly one of a kind. She loves trying new things. When we started going out, she told me she had an interest in photography, but had never really done it. I set off to teach her all I knew. She learned on a good ol' 35mm film camera, which is the way everyone should learn. DSLRs are just too easy. Film is much more exciting, plus it's what all the present day DSLRs are based on! She picked up everything so fast. Eventually we began researching other formats (i.e. medium and large format). So for our one year anniversary, I get her her very first MF (Medium Format) camera. A Yashcia-A Twin Lens Reflex. This is one of those old vintage cameras that is just awesome to look at.


So for our 2nd year anniversary, I decided I had to outdo my last gift. Since we had a photography theme going on, I decided to do some more research. I eventually stumbled upon a company who goes by the name "Mamiya." At one time, these medium format cameras were the top dogs. They held their own against Bronicas and Hasselblads. But because of the digi-craze, no one wants a film camera anymore. This means exponetially lower prices on pro film gear. I lucked out winning a Mamiya RB-67 camera and kit on eBay. I won't say the price I paid for obvious reasons, but let's just say I got everything (camera, 2 lenses, prism viewfinder, shutter cable, 120 back, 220 back, polaroid back, and 6 rolls of 120 film) for less than the price of a entry level DSLR. Not sure if that made sense, but I got a great deal on it.

I let her have the camera a few days early and she loved it. The negatives/positives are teck sharp. Not to mention the camera is a beast. At least 5 pounds, which can get tiring to handhold. Either way, the camera is great for any analog lover.

Here's some recent photos taken on the Mamiya.

Snail Trail

I love our pug



Oh, Cock

Autumn colors


If you care to take a look at my girlfriend's lovely photos, here's her Flickr

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