Saturday, March 24, 2012

Goodbye Old Friend

Goodbye old Friend.

From the moment I purchased my x100, I sort of new this moment was inevitable. Now that I'm trying to save up for a downpayment on a house, I'm trying to make cash from wherever I can. I figured while the camera was still relevant I'd put it up for sale. One craigslist posting later and I had 20-30 messages in my inbox.

Because I was not the original seller, selling this camera was like pulling teeth. Apparently, in recent months, this camera has been known to have a "sticky aperture blade" issue. Because of this known issue, everyone wanted the purchase receipt so they could get the camera serviced by Fujifilm. So for me, not having this was a big turn off. Finally, I found someone who didn't care so much about the receipt, but rather that they were getting a good price for this awesome little camera.

All in all, for three months of use with the camera, I only lost $50.

Thanks for all the good times. I will miss you.

Love, Film

I was taking some photos for an eBay posting, and I decided to shoot some other product based shots. One of my subjects was my girlfriend's newly acquired Kodak Satrmite II camera. Jenny's grandma is always picking us up old vintage cameras from estate sales. To say we have quite a collection is a bit of an understatement.

When I was messing with this photo in Photoshop, it felt like it was missing something. So I decided to add some text. I figured if analog cameras could speak, this is what they might say. Doing stuff like this really makes me admire what graphic designers do. It's not easy. Choosing the right fonts, choosing the right colors, choosing the right spacing, etc. You could spend hours on one line of text to get it perfect.

Here is my final product

Love Me.


It's been a few months now, and I still have the loft bug as bad as ever. Part of me wishes it was a passing fad so I could just move on. Instead, I've been saving like a mad man in hopes that I can make this lofty dream in to a reality (did you see what I did there).

Every spare minute of every day I am thinking of different furniture layouts. I don't want to fill the space with IKEA furniture, but I'd rather get furniture that I really admire and appreciate. I already have my list of must haves, including pieces from designers like Eames and Noguchi.

I'm still trying not to get too attached, but... well... I'm attached. Fingers crossed.

Here's a mockup of one of my layouts

To Say I've Fallen in Love is an Understatement.

Impromptu SF Trip.

The girlfriend and I went to SF a few weekends ago for this

Unfortunately when we got there, it was way over capacity and we couldn't go in. I would've been bummed, but honestly any excuse to go to the city is fine with me. Also, the parking lot was pretty much a car show on its own.

Thank God for video coverage, because here's what I missed

After getting the boot from the show, we decided to take a stroll along the coast. I brought my x100 along to snap some photos as well. Overall a really nice escape with my favorite person.