Monday, September 5, 2011

Remember those Crappy School Photos?

Because I work as a student portrait photographer, Jenny and I did a little photo shoot with a background from my work set. We had a lot of fun with these...

Jennifer A. Kehl | Class of 2011

Just Another School Photo.

We put our cheese factor on full blast for this photoshoot, even the pug had to get in on the action!

Coco D. Puffington | Class of 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wedding Video is Up.

Here is the Ceremony/Reception edit

And here is the Photo Engagement edit

A huge thanks goes out to Deneka and Job for allowing us to document their beautiful wedding. It truly was a pleasure to be a part of it!

I Couldn't Help Myself.

Renowned vinyl toy artist Huck Gee is on a roll this year with toy releases. First he had the Skullhead, then came the Raku Dunnys, then came his figures in the 2011 Dunny Series, and now Gold Life? Huck you're making my wallet cry in pain.

Well needless to say, when I heard Huck was having a series release all of his own I knew I had to start saving. Past release of his stuff told me that these were going to sell out fast. The set was set to release on Thursday, September 1st, but he was doing a pre-release signing in San Francisco on Wednesday.

After work Wednesday, I booked it over to KidRobot San Francisco to meet up with my girlfriend and my friend Shelby who were saving my spot in line. I got there about 5pm and didn't get into the doors until about 7pm. When it came time, I bought myself a case of 16 blind boxes and and the Kabuki 2-pack (Black Edition). I had Huck sign both dunnys in the 2-pack, talked for a minute, and then headed on my way.

It's funny because every release I'm at with Huck, he remembers me as "the Subaru Guy", because we talked briefly on Flickr about our cars. He is also the proud owner of a Subaru STI.

Having not eaten really much of anything that day, we headed over to Squat and Gobble Creperie to feed our faces. As we were waiting for our orders to come out, we began viciously tearing apart our blind boxes. My eyes lit up when four boxes in I pulled the rare chase Tarzo Rifleman. This is the first time I've pulled the rarest figure in a series, so I was stoked. After having opened the entire set, I had almost the entire collection minus the white ninja and red geisha chase.

I knew there were some quality control issues going into this, but I didn't see many marks on mine. These figures look great and the accessories are awesome. Huck Gee really outdid himself! Unfortunately, until I move into my new place, these guys will have to chill on a dusty shelf or in their boxes. Soon enough I will be able to display the proudly amidst all my other Huck toys.

Here are some fun photos I took of a few of my favorite figs.

The Golden Claw

The Geishas

The Trickster