Thursday, July 24, 2008

Skating and filming nonstop...

... and I love it. Some times it feels like a job. Long hours, sore arms and legs, hot weather, driving for hours. It's definitely a struggle, but getting the perfect clip is an indescribable feeling. I'd be stoked to do this for the rest of my life as long as I could afford to get by. In the past few weeks I've met so many cool new people. I've been filming some truly amazing skaters. I wouldn't be surprised if I saw any of them gracing the pages of skateboard mags in the near future. Happy filming!

Here's some footy of Vince attempting nollie halfcab heel down Belmont 9

Sunday, July 20, 2008

London Trip...

...well about two weeks since I got back to La. I've been lagging hard with this blog. Not sure if anyone even reads it, but I like to update it for myself so I can look back on it.

Anyways, went to London and Pari with Elliott for three weeks. Went mainly for skating, but we did a lot of touristy stuff as well (eiffel tower, the eye, big ben, museums, art galleries, etc.). The only thing that sucked about the trip was carrying a heavy backpack with my camera gear everywhere. I guess after the fact, I'm pretty happy with a lot of the shots I got. So in the end definitely a worthwhile trip. Got a lot of clips for sure. Check the montage at the bottom.

for more pictures from my trip check MY FLICKr

London/Paris Montage