Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mandatory Funny Dog Picture.

This dog...


Everyone has their addictions. Mine is vinyl, and I can't get enough of it.

Over the past few months I have calmed down on my vinyl purchases in an attempt to focus my collection. As of late, I've been really into work by the artist KAWS. So much so that I've acquired a number of my favorite pieces by him.

Here are some of my my recent additions.

Lord Vader
"KAWS Vader" - KAWS x Lucasfilm

Tell the Truth.
"KAWS Pinocchio" - KAWS x Disney

"KAWS Hennessy" - KAWS x Hennessy VS Label

It's Benn Awhile.

With my new job and all these side projects I have going on, it's been awhile since I've been able to snap some photos. Luckily, my girlfriend needed someone to help her with her portrait assignment for her photo class.

After setting up the flash and getting the proper exposure, I began snapping away. As much as I'd like to take credit for the costume and posing of the subject, that was all Jenny. I simply chose the compositions and fired away.

After selecting a few images that I liked from the batch, I began the arduous task of post processing. Given the style of the subject matter, I really wanted the images to look old and vintage-y, much like that of an old photograph. I may have gone a tad oveboard, but I like how they turned out.

Below are two of my favorites,

Welcome to the Party.


New Job!

I gots me a job at apple and I couldn't be happier.

I now reside at the Apple Store at the Oakridge Mall in San Jose, California.

Home Sweet Home (Temporarily)

When housing arrangements didn't pan out as I had hoped, my girlfriend's mom offered to let us crash at her place. In the mean time, we're just trying to save every bit we can for wherever life takes us next.

Although we'll only be living here for less than a year, we couldn't help but unpack our things. This meant unboxing a number of our collectible cameras and toys. Here are a few photos of our current room setup.

New Room.


Camera Collection