Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Happiest Car EVARRR!

My girlfriend used to roll around in BMW 325i wagon. It was her dad's, but because he had a company car, he let her borrow the wagon. Well long story short, he lost that job and had to take back the beamer. This left my girlfriend without a car. I don't mind driving her around, in fact I love driving my car, but it begins taking a toll. When I have to drive up to the UCSC campus multiple times a day, it puts a lot of mileage on the car. It also doesn't help that I have to put premium gasoline in my car.

My girlfriend knew this was bumming me out. So on began the car search. The thing about her is she can't just buy any old piece of junk car. She wanted to find a car that fit her personality and that she would enjoy driving. She was also very adamant about getting a manual despite the fact that she's only had one lesson ever. I mentioned awhile back I thought Mazda Miatas were cool, but figured it would be out of our price range. A simple craigslist search proved otherwise. Miatas are dirt cheap. From that point on that's the only car she was looking into.

We checked out one or two before we finally settled on an awesome little white one. The owner was a huge Miata enthusiast, which is always a good thing. The car had aftermarket springs, O2 sensor, new wheels, radio, roll bar, and a front strut brace. This was the one. A few days later the dude dropped it off her mom's house in San Jose and we signed all the paper work. She was now the proud owner of 1993 Mazda Miata MX-5.

Oh joy!

The next day, we took it out for a spin. As I mentioned earlier, my girlfriend and I had only received one stick shift lesson. We weren't so great at it to say the least. We stalled numerous times, but it was loads of fun switching the gears. My girlfriend ended up picking it up quickly and in three days time she drove it over the treacherously windy Highway 17, back to our home in Santa Cruz. I drove behind her just to make sure nothing crazy happened. Just our luck, it began pouring on the way home, but my girlfriend drove on like a trooper.

All in all, she loves the car. It can be a bit of a bummer driving on the UCSC campus or in traffic, but otherwise she's loves driving it. This is also good for me because it means I can let my Subaru rest more often. I also find it funny that my girlfriend is getting the "mod bug" as they say. She has plans to paint the car graphite gray and get some wider wheels for that aggressive stanced look. For now though, she rocks a mustache decal on her front bumper. 'Stache Power!



New car

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