Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Never Stop Rolling": An Autobiographical film.

This past quarter I took an autobiographical film production course at UC Santa Cruz. I wasn't crazy about it, but it was the only production class I got into.

Just as the title makes it sound, it was a class where we had to make films about ourselves. As many of you who know me personally know I'm a pretty shy guy. So making a movie about myself, you know, starring me, freaked me out a bit. Just as with all film assignments, I put in a huge amount of effort forward on my projects. It was weird doing voiceovers and editing footage of me, but after the fact I quite enjoyed it. Filmmakers so often already include so much of themselves in their films, that turning the camera on themselves doesn't feel so unusual.

The film below was my second assignment for this class. Our prompt was to make a film about a memory experienced three different ways or times in our life. I decided on making a film about my memory of skateboarding. According to the teacher I didn't quite follow the prompt, but she still gave me an "A" for all the effort I put onto it.

So check it out, "Never Stop Rolling."

Also, every week we had to do vlogs (video logs) about ourselves. I had some fun with them. Most are just whatever.

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