Monday, January 31, 2011

Cookie Monster NOM NOM

Ever since I started using Instagram on my iPhone, I've made it a point to follow people I find interesting. I recently started following a user who constantly posts photos of their baking endeavors. I think her name is something like "artiki." Anyways, the other day she posted a photo of her "cookie monster cupcakes." Once I saw those, I knew I had to make them. Because my baking skills are way below average, I relied on the aid of my girlfriend to help out. We got all the necessary ingredients and began concocting our sugary little morsels of sweet confection. We let them cool over night and then in the morning Jenny and I decorated them in the image of the notorious "cookie monster."

They turned out delicious. We brought them to my girlfriend's friend's house who was having a party that night. That was the last we ever saw of them. I made it a point to snap a few photos to remember our tasty escapades!

Cookie Monster.

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