Monday, January 31, 2011

Seeing Double.

I quite enjoy me some vinyl toys. No surprise. I check blogs like Spankystokes and Hello Vinyl daily to get the scoop on the newest vinyl releases. When Artist James Jarvis announced his Wisdom of Caleb series, I knew had to get one. The tricky part was deciding on which t-shirt design to get considering there were eight options.

I decided on the "Sausages" and "I Heart BM" ones. I couldn't get just one. My girlfriend found the BM hilarious, so that was that. I was lucky to get one of the "sausage" Calebs, which sold out pretty quickly afterwards. Not to mention the t-shirt poking fun at the infamous "Supreme" logo. Overall, really funny characters and top notch quality vinyl.

As with all my toys, I love photographing them. I try to find an environment that fits their character. So for my two Calebs, I put them in downtown Santa Cruz. I'd imagine they are both looking for the nearest public restroom to desacrate. These guys mean business.

Here are the photos.

Nighttime Stroll


I <3 BM

While out, I also brought along another vinyl toy I recently picked up. This one is called "Sweety." She's an oversized candy with braces. She was more than happy to show me her pearly whites for this photograph.


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