Friday, June 4, 2010

Magic Bullet Looks Fans Have a New Calling.

Red Giant Software, creators of video coloring software like Magic Bullet and Colorista, just made a super awesome iPhone camera app: Plastic Bullet!

The whole idea behind this of this app is to give iPhone pictures the "lomography touch" common with most plastic toy cameras. Having shot on a Holga medium format film camera, it is safe to say that the outcome is always a surprise. Vignetting, light leak, and distortions are all common with these types of pictures, and add to the appeal of these imperfect camera devices. Plastic Bullet takes this concept and uses it on pictures taken with the iPhone. After a picture is taken or is chosen from the camera roll, Plastic Bullet will randomly combine different filters to give you a truly unique picture. There is no control over which filters the app uses, but one can refresh the pictures as often as they'd like to see more filter combinations. This app has completely replaced my traditional camera app altogether. I am still dumfounded as to how a cell phone can take such high quality, interesting pictures. One of my favorite apps by far and the $1.99 price tag is much cheaper than buying a $25+ Holga.

Here's some recent pictures taken on the app Plastic Bullet:

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