Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Johnny Cupcakes Coffin Tour 2012

One of my buddies from work invited me to a shirt event in the city yesterday. I had heard of Johnny Cupcakes before, but had never done too much research on the guy. After a few google searches, I quickly learned why this guy and his company were so popular. Clever designs mixed with an impeccable attention to detail.

Daniel and his girlfriend Nisouri picked me up at my place and we headed up to the city. We were pretty hungry so we stopped at Tacolicious, a local favorite, for some grub. Beyond delicious.


After food, we headed over to Super 7 on Haight where the event was set to take place. We saw the line and quickly figured we should have come much earlier. We were easily 300-400 people back in the line.


Johnny Cupcakes Coffin Tour 2012 // San Francisco

Super 7.

As day turned into night, the line began to slowly creep towards the entrance of the store. Three hours had already passed, and we had only made it to the halfway mark. Battling the cold, tiredness, and carpel tunnel, we slowly trudged on.

What's on the Menu? Daniel.


At the four hour mark we were finally at the entrance of the store. It felt good. Inside they had five shirts to choose from as well as a nice assortment of other goodies. I ended up getting one of the shirts with all the different masks on it. They also threw in a lot of other cool things with my purchase. That was the least the could've done consider how long we waited.

SF Mummy Boy.

Johnny Cupcakes.

Johnny Cupcakes Coffin Tour 2012 Shirts.



After we paid, we wanted to meet the man in the flesh. Johnny was hanging out just outside the store meeting and chatting with his fans.

Mr. Cupcakes

It was really cool to hear him talk. Very inspiring. He is also quite the comedian. Very quick on his feet to crack jokes.


It's awesome when you can actually meet the face of a brand. Johnny makes it a huge point to take the time and connect with his fans. All evidence why his brand and company are so popular. That along with the exclusivity of the shirts make Johnny and his shirts a hot commodity for the average consumer.

Yesterday I bought my first Johnny Cupcake shirt, but I can tell you it will not be my last.

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