Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter Wonderland.

I was beginning to think I wouldn't make it up to the mountains this season. Because of schedule conflicts and money, any chance of snowboarding was looking grim. My girlfriend surprised me for my birthday by informing me that she booked us a place to stay in Tahoe. She even found a place that allowed dogs to stay, so we could bring our pug Coco.


We drove up on a Saturday after my girlfriend finished her shift at work. It was a nice drive filled with jokes and stories. We also popped in No Country for Old Men, because my girlfriend hadn't seen it. I forgot how beautiful the visuals were in that film. Not saying I was peeking at the movie while driving, or anything...

When we began our trek up the mountain, I was beginning to worry. The only snow in sight was the dirty, brown snow on the side of the highway. I was really looking forward to seeing some fresh white snow. We got to our hotel around 8PM where we unloaded our stuff. We were both starving so we headed over to Harvey's casino to grab a bite at the Hard Rock Cafe. For the last two years, Jenny and I have somehow always wound up at this restaurant. It's become sort of tradition to eat here when we come up. Also, because I just turned 22, I took full advantage of the drink menu. I ordered a Malibu fruit smoothie, which tasted amazing. To eat, I ordered the Granny Smith and Provolone Burger. I still have dreams about this burger. Probably one of the best burgers I've had in my life.

Back at the hotel we hung out with Coco before passing out. I slept like a baby that night.

In the morning, I stumbled out of bed to open the curtains on the window. I couldn't believe my eyes. The sky was raining snow. We could not have picked a more perfect time to get up here. There was about 3 inches of snow on every car in the parking lot. It was quite a sight to behold.

My Dog Hates the Snow.

Coco was getting antsy so we took her out to do her business. She was not as stoked on the fresh snow as we were. I can't blame her, having to walk around in the snow with her bare paws exposed. We thought ahead and brought her her little snow jacket. Yep, we're the kind of people that dress their dogs up. Regardless, Coco did her biz and proceeded to high tail it back to the room.

Driving through the fresh snow was an experience that was both exciting and terrifying. My girlfriend was a bit freaked out when we started sliding around the roads. I had winter tires on the scoob, but even still I would occasionally lose traction. There were even a few instances where I was full on drifting around turns. I was having a blast, but I could tell my girlfriend wasn't as excited. I drove as carefully as I could from that point up to the ski resort.

Fairing Bomb.

Because of the snow conditions, we were one of the first cars to arrive. We fed our dog, geared up, and headed out. I always worry with snowboarding that I'll lose everything I worked so hard to learn last season. But just like last time, it all comes back instantly. The fresh powder was amazing to snowboard over. The mountain was practically empty and there were no lines anywhere. I could not ask for a better day to be shredding. I worked on a few technical things like butters and 180s, but I was just having a blast flying down the slopes.

About 2PM our sore muscles told us we should call it quits. We headed back to the car to meet a very anxious pug. We packed up and headed off. The drive home was just as relaxing as on the way up.

I had a great weekend! Thanks to my super awesome girlfriend for an amazing trip I will never forget!

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