Monday, April 11, 2011

Still a Child at Heart.

When I was a child, I promised myself I would never lose my fascination with building things. Well, somewhere along the way, I did. A few years back I sold every lego set I owned for a measly $200. This ended up being the worst decision of my life. I figured selling my legos and other toys was just a part of growing up. Unfortunately for me, there isn't a day that goes by where I'd love just to dig through the hundreds of legos that I used to own to create a space ship or whatever crazy creation I have in my mind.

Lego Bricks

Since then, I've never really wanted to get back into legos. They're fun to build, but they end up just sitting around afterwards collecting dust. And, let's be honest, they're not exactly the cheapest toys. I love looking at all the new models and sets that are coming out, but I can never bring myself to get one. Every time I just convince myself that I don't need it or that I have no room for it.

All this changed a few days ago., a popular tech and gadget blog, had a post about a new lego set that just came out. Apparently, Lego has a new line of models called the "Architectural Series," in which they recreate famous buildings and landmarks with lego bricks. The pre-existing models were nothing to write home about, but the one Gizmodo was unveiling looked awesome. Lego decided to do a rendition of the Farnsworth House in Plano, Illinois.

Farnsworth House, Plano, Illinois-10

Over the past year or so, I have really been getting into design and architecture. Every week I look forward to reading the new issue of Dwell magazine to see what new modern designs people are integrating into their homes and offices. With this in mind, I knew I might have to indulge my childhood fantasies with my mature interests. So yesterday, my girlfriend and I headed over to the Lego Store at Valley Fair Mall in San Jose. I wasn't even sure they would have it in stock, but sure enough there it was right at the entrance. Before checking out, my girlfriend and I meandered around the store recalling all of our past lego escapades.

Farnsworth House Lego (Front).

Back home, we tore apart the box and began constructing our new model. This thing was beautiful. The people at lego really did an amazing job on the interior. If you look through the planes of glass (clear plastic panels), you can see an array of tiny modern Lego furniture. The tiny white bricks were a pain to line up straight, but it's this sort of detail that really adds to the minimalist physique of the house. I don't plan on deconstructing this model anytime soon as it is a beautiful piece of architecture and design unto itself.

Here are some other shots of the Lego set.

Farnsworth House Lego.

Farnsworth House Lego (Above).

Farnsworth House Lego.

Bird's Eye View

Little Furniture for Little People.


Drew said...

interesting. Lego reaching out to the old audience, I approve

Doug Smith said...

I really hope Lego makes some more in this series!