Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Inside and Out.

One of my buddies who works at Google was in charge of making a marketing video for a new service that Maps was rolling out. The video was set to feature a new tool that allowed users to have street view inside of a business. So if you wanted to scope out a store before actually going there, you know have the luxury of stepping inside and having a look around. Pretty neat if you ask me.

The coolest part of the video was that we had somewhat of a budget to play with. This meant we got to rent a steadicam with arm and vest mount. Not an easy tool to use, but a great way to get that organic handheld look (minus the rolling shutter issues DSLRs are notorious for).

X-10 VestSteady

After two days of shooting in SF and hours of editing and re-editing, we were done.

When the video was released on the Google Maps Blog, we really had no idea how people would respond to it. Within hours, we had made headlines on sites such as Techcrunch, DailyGeekShow, and even the Huffington Post. That was a pretty cool feeling.

Check out the video for yourself.

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