Sunday, May 27, 2012

Let's Make a Splash.

I have wanted to do a photo like this forever. About time.

Coffee Explosion.

The story behind this photo is pretty simple. Get a mug filled with coffee, set up a flash, and have a friend drop in a piece of cookie. the hardest part is timing. To get that creamy foreground/background bokeh, I shot on a Nikon 200mm at f/2.8. This is as shallow as hey get. To sync with the flash remotely, the highest I could shoot at was 1/200th, which explains the slight blurring of the liquid. I wish the liquid was a tad sharper, but for a first try, I done good.

Here are some [better] coffee splash photos that inspired mine.

Coffee Splash

Splish, Splash, Coffee Bath

Cofffee Splash 2

In the art of attempting new things, I decided to give another technique a try as well. I call this one the "hidden flash"

Golden Portraits.

No, I did not hide a flash just outside of the frame. Rather I had the flash in plain sight. Then with another photo I shot a picture of the same location but without the flash and subject. I then merged the two in photoshop erasing the flash/stand and cleaned up the shadows. Once again the image is a bit soft (downside to shooting wide open), but this is definitely a technique that I want to have another go at.

Also because my ladies were being cute, I could not help but capture this moment.

My Girls.

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