Sunday, May 27, 2012

50mm @ f/1.4


Shallow depth of field during high noon is next to impossible, that is unless you have ND filters. I recently came across some ND filters in my camera bag I had bought a while back. Jenny and I were about to take the dogs for a walk so I figured I might as well bring the 5D along. Having the ND filters on my 50mm allowed me to stop my aperture all the way down to a ridiculous f/1.4. For those that don't know, shooting at f/1.4 on a lens means you are getting the most shallow focus (out of focus areas behind and in front of the subject). This is why only the heads of my dogs are in focus and their bodies are blurred. The trade off of shooting f/1.4 is it lets a lot of light in. This is where the ND filters come in handy. ND filters are like sunglasses for your lens. So by blocking some of the light from the lens, I am able to shoot at an f/stop lower than normal.

Also, my pugs are cute.

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