Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vinyl Update.

2011 has not been kind on my wallet in terms of vinly toy releases.

First, my pre-order of "Inspector Cumulus" arrived in the post. What a great piece. Adorned with a bowler hat and a smoking pipe, Inspector Cumulus is on the job.

Inspector Cumulus

Next came Kidrobot's Mascot Number 19. This is the first KR mascot that's come out since I've been into vinyl toys. This toy was designed by none other than MAD and themed to have the appearance of a riot cop. Quality control on this figure is top notch and the accessories (helmet, shield, baton, and donut) are awesome additions.


Lasty, I picked myself up a set of Huck Gee Raku Dunnys. Had to wait over 2 hours to get these guys, but the wait was worth it. The Dunny came in both a "night" and "day" version and had very unique, real-looking accessories. The clothes are made out of real cloth and the ropes and ties are made out of real fibers. Huck Gee definitely outdid himself on these. It was also cool because after picking these up at the KR release party, I got them signed by the man himself, Huck Gee. It was funny because Huck recognized me from our last encounter when I talked to him briefly about owning an STI. He has since labeled me the "subaru guy." Can't complain with that.

Raku - Day & Night - Red Colorway

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