Thursday, March 10, 2011

Meet Milo.

So a few posts back, I wrote an entry about the artist KAWS. I mentioned that he had a release coming up, and that I was going to try to snag one. Well guess what. I am now the proud owner of a KAWS x Bape "Dissected Milo."

KAWS x Bape "Milo" Dissected

They had three colorways, but I went with the brown. I actually spent a little more than retail to pre-order one from Toyqube, a KAWS authorized reseller. On February 25th, I along with the rest of the world (or so it seemed) logged on to in hopes to get a figure at retail price ($180). I tried for the black one, but after a frenzy of server crashes, they were sold out. I read somewhere online that they sold out of their stock in a little under 22 minutes. There was 1,000 figures per colorway, so you do the math.

About a week later I got my awesome little guy in the mail. I can see what all the hype is about! These things are top notch. Medicom Toy Company does an amazing job when it comes to quality control. The only drawback to owning this piece is that I have no other KAWS pieces to accompany my Milo. Maybe one day, but for now I'm happy with my first KAWS piece.

KAWS Eyes.

From Every Angle

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