Sunday, March 13, 2011

Big News in the Land of Vinyl.

Well, I should be writing my term paper, but a quick break on the internet has led to a mandatory blog entry.

First and foremost, coming up on March 24th, Kidrobot is releasing their first 8" Dunny of 2011. The Dunny will be by artist Huck Gee, and will be an alternative colorway to the 8" "Glow in the Dark" Skullhead released at SDCC 2010. I'm so excited for this release because, despite the fact it being a "Dunny," Huck went ahead and cut the ears off the traditional Dunny mold. This toy will no doubt stand apart from the many 8" Dunnys crowding my shelf. Another reason to love Huck is that he works locally out of his San Francisco studio and he drives a Subaru Impreza STI! The release is limited to 650 pieces worldwide, and there's no doubt in my mind they will sell out in hours. Good luck to everyone trying to snag a piece.

The other big news is the recently leaked Dunny Series 2011 series set to come out around summertime. I hate to say it, but Kidrobot and Dunnys are slowly losing their appeal to me. It just seems like so many variations are coming out too often, that the individual designs lose their attraction. In the next few weeks I plan to sell a lot of my 3" Dunnys in favor of larger, more limited edition toys on the market. There are a few 3"ers that I really enjoy, but for the future, I plan to only grab the designs that I really like as opposed to trying to collect a whole completed set. Needless to say, the leaked photos of the 2011 Dunny Series has some pretty sweet designs. I'll have to see them in person first, but their are definitely a few that catch my eye!

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