Sunday, March 20, 2011

I've Come a Long Way Since Dunnys.

Most vinyl collectors will agree that Dunnys are the gateway drug to vinyl toy collecting. There are so many different Dunny artists from so many different series, that it's easy to find a design or character that attracts you. Not to mention, they're cheap enough where you don't feel bad about getting a few every time you go to an Urban Outfitters or a Kidrobot Store. The problem for me is that having too many just creates clutter. They all just sort of blend together into a mashup of colors and hues. This is why I've decided to sell a large majority of my collection.

In an effort to refocus and slim down my toy collection, I've decided to sell 82 Kidrobot figures. It's pretty insane to think that I own that many 3" figurines. Yikes! I still have about 40 designs I'm still holding on to, but it feels good to get rid of the excess. This will also free up some space for some upcoming releases I'm looking forward to, such as the Huck Gee 8" Skullhead.

If anyone is interested in purchasing any of these Dunnys, feel free to contact me here or email me at

Here is the link to my SALE on the Kidrobot Forums!

DUNNYS FOR SALE! (Ye Olde English)

DUNNYS FOR SALE! (Random Series)


DUNNYS FOR SALE! (2010 Series)

DUNNYS FOR SALE! (FG/Simpsons/Futurama)


DUNNYS FOR SALE! (Chases and Rares)

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