Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yet Another Claymation Under our Belt.

My girlfriend Jenny and I were out of ideas for stop-frame projects. Jenny's mother offered a few, how you say "lame" ideas that we just laughed at and ignored. Well turns out her birthday was coming up and Jenny had no money to get her anything. We came up with the brilliant idea of animating one of her ideas for a claymation while still making her believe that it was a stupid idea. It took about a day to create and about two days to edit our little project. A few imperfections, but overall a really cool film that I'm fairly happy with. The smoothcam filter on Final Cut was a godsend for this project!

Anyways, here is our newest claymation entitled "Happy Burfday"

We had some extra footage/time lapses of the two of us stop-framing so I decided to make a Behind the Scenes video that talks about what stop-frame is and how it is achieved. Enjoy!

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Tisha said...

Yay! i got to watch your behind the scenes! Doug! All your work is exciting and I'm excited for you! You and for Jenny too!
aside from the job you got! (congrats btw) are you planning on interning any where?