Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Jenny and I have been talking about getting another pug for awhile now. The only thing holding us back was the fact that her mom was allergic. But now that we should be out in less than two months, her mom gave us the okay. Plus, it'll be much easier potty training a new pup having direct access to an enclosed back yard.

So without further adieu, meet Lily, our 8 week old female black pug.


Jenny, Coco, and I made the trek out to Stockton yesterday to check out the pug puppies I saw online. The seller had two males and one female. Right away I could tell the little lady had the cutest features of the three. Not to mention she was more submissive than her two boisterous brothers. After a few minutes with female puppy, we knew she was the right one.

The entire drive home felt unreal. Both Jenny and I had perpetual smiles on our faces. I could tell Coco was getting a bit jealous, so we kept switching laps between Coco and the new puppy. The new puppy, which we decided to begin calling "Lily," was asleep the entire car ride. It's funny how a brief ten minute interaction can exert a puppy so much, that they need to immediately take an hour long nap to recuperate.

Our New Addition.

I'm looking forward to training a new puppy all over again (minus all the stains and sleepless nights of couse). The best past is now Coco has a friend to play with when Jenny and I are at work.

Being the videographer/videographer that I am, I felt a need to document. So just like with Coco, I made a short video capturing Lily's first day in her new home.

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