Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So guess who won the "Wish I Had an Ikan" short film competition?

Ikan, a company that makes external monitors for video cameras, came out with a short film competition entitled "Wish I had an Ikan." The whole point of the competition was to make a short film with this concept of wanting one of these external monitors. Because I had already invested in an Ikan monitor, I knew I would have an advantage over the other contestants. I cranked out not one, but two entries to better my chances. One was a live action action/thriller while the other was a romantic comedy stop-frame. Sure enough, a few days after the contest had closed, I received a phone call from Clint Milby, Ikan's Director of Marketing, notifying me that I had won the contest with the stop-frame that my girlfriend and I had worked on. If that wasn't enough good news, he also told me that my other film had won second place. Considering there were so many great and creative entries I was very excited to say the least. Nothing beats getting a check for three thousand dollars in addition to a lot of cool film toys to play with all for doing something that I love. Thanks again Ikan for creating this amazing opportunity!

If you haven't already done so, check out Ikan's awesome line of camera monitors and accessories I can vouch that these guys do an awesome job when it comes to making great products that aid in the filmmaking process.

1st place: "I-KAN LOVE"

Meet "Cammy" the Camera! He spends his days longing for the company of an Ikan Monitor. One day, Cammy stumbles upon a short film contest in which the winner receives a free Ikan monitor. Cammy embarks upon a mission to make the greatest film ever!

2nd place: "The Ikan Difference"

When shooting HD projects, it is often hard to compose and focus properly, especially when using 35mm adapters. Trusting the resolution of a 1080p image to a small low-res camera LCD is a risky move. The only way to be sure your image is as good as it possibly can be is to use an Ikan monitor.

For this short film, we took the same concept for a film and shot a version with and without an external monitor. Please enjoy or comedic exaggeration of how much an IKAN monitor can affect your final product!

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