Monday, January 16, 2012

Neglectful Blogger.

I'm the kind of person who loves to start things, but has the hardest time finishing things. Blogging is a good example. After an event takes place, I mean to write/blog about it, but something else distracts me. Then something else happens that I wan to post, but I know I have to post the fist event. Before I know it, I have a back log of events and I end up neglecting my blog altogether.

Since I've last been here, I've gotten promoted at Apple, met new awesome people, went to Las Vegas, went to Zion, celebrated my girl's 21st birthday, bought clothes, thrown away clothes, bought more toys, sold more toys, taken more photos, discovered new music, hung out with old friends, girlfriend got a job at Starbucks, found a number of new artists I'm psyched on, Chili's and Pluto's are my new favorite restaurants, taken up the role of beer connoisseur, enjoyed drinking Blue Moon, been eating more red meat, spent the new year's with my love, actually stayed awake to see the ball drop, driven my dog to the pet hospital after eating a bee, seen a number of new and classic films, and other things I can't quite think about right now.

Here are some of my most recent instagrams that have been taken over the past few months

I'm sorry blog, I'll try and be better.


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