Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Filmic Endeavor.

As for every film production student at UC Santa Cruz, it is a requirement to take some sort of senior production course before completing the major. So for my advanced film production class (196), I have decided to tackle a very challenging style for my upcoming film.

I am attempting to tell two seemingly disconnected stories simultaneously with the aid of split screen. Using a number of graphic matches and similarities/juxtapositions within the frames, I hope to unite the two images. In the end, the two stories will merge and come together, but both sides will still remain somewhat separate and disconnected. If this was not already a challenge enough, I also plan on telling one of the two stories backwards. I just pray I don't give my audience a headache. It will be an experiment, that's for sure.

Here is a recent fram grab from the male's side of the film.

A frame from "Parallels"

Also, a friend linked me this short film entitled Symmetry by a company named "evernone." It is very effective in the way it plays with the split screen imagery. Overall, a really beautiful film that really challenges the emotions and expectations of the viewers.

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