Thursday, February 4, 2010

Text too much?

If so, there's a support group for you! My housemate Nick Rood and I decided it would be funny to make a short film about a support group that caters to those who have extreme addictions to texting. The film follows six individuals in their attempts to talk about their problems and control their texting addictions.

As Director of Photography on this project, we shot this short on my HVX + Letus 35mm setup using Nikon primes. I was hoping to get my hands on a HDSLR for this shoot, but things didn't work out. As much as I love this setup, it's often times a burden when I'm rushing to change camera setups. Regardless, I think the images turned out very good. We had the camera on cranes and dollies for a number of the shots as well. Below is a picture of the camera setup we were using on this production.

"Texters Anonymous" Trailer

And here's the actual film

And of course Nick took it upon his self to make a behind the scenes for the film

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