Tuesday, November 25, 2008


...So much has changed since I last updated! New short films, new girlfriend, new projects, new film equipment, new perspective on life, new addiction to coffee! Once again, college is back in full swing... and life is just as stressful. I have a million and one things to do every second of the day. I'm taking three courses that all require a lot of assignments weekly (Photography, Intro to Film Production, and International Cinema from 1930-1960). I am also involved with FPC (Film Production Coalition) again for my second year and it has grown so much. Because I am Treasurer of the club, I was in charge of leading one of the groups in making a short film this quarter. We decided to make a music video/narrative using the song "Mad World" by Gary Jules... the song from Donnie Darko. Though the film is very dark and dramatic (aka EMO), it was a good opportunity to test out all my new film toys (35mm adapter, dolly, follow focus, mattebox, etc.). I'm really happy with the final product! All in all it was a great success that I credit to the hardworking members of my group.

Here's some stills from out production "Cellar Door" (Donnie Darko) reference).

Vishnu on cam

Setting up


Oh really...

"Cellar Door" Mad World Music Video from KMPer02 on Vimeo.

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