Thursday, November 1, 2007

Took a trip to LA this past weekend...

... had a lot of fun, filmed a lot, met a lot of cool people, good times.

Elliot was kind enough to let me chill at his house when I was up there. Thanks a lot dude. Best night sleep I've had in a long time.

Saturday turned out to be a waste of a day until we finally found a ride. We went skating into the night at a rail spot in Culver City. Elliott decided to snap a few flicks while I was filming.

Elliott decided to get all stylish for the camera.

The next day we headed out early to meet up with some people at 9star. Headed North to hit up some valley spots. We skated this gnar ditch spot. It was so hot I was sweating all over my camera, but we still managed to film some sick clips (Check the montage).

After everyone got their tricks, we headed up to Holmes Elementary school to skate a 9 stair rail. Props to Donnie for taking home the sickest trick award

Unfortunately, I was supposed to be in Santa Monica by 6PM and by the time we finished skating/filming, it was 7PM. As I was trying to call my girlfriend to work everything out, my phone died. Luckily, Elliot came to the rescue and lent me his phone. I had to wait an hour for them to pick me up at the school, but everything worked out in the end.

Long drive home where we almost got in a major car accident.

Definately glad to be back in Santa Cruz, but miss skating back in LA. Can't wait to head back down to LA again. Thanks to everyone for good times.

Check the footy

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