Friday, September 28, 2007

Summer's Over...

...and college has started. It was a weird adjustment, but I'm starting to get used to the swing of things. Life in Santa Cruz is so much different than that of Los Angeles. The air is so fresh and crisp up here that my nose is in constant euphoria. Breathing in LA smog can't be too good for you, and I'm definitely glad i got away from it when I did. Life in Santa Cuz is so different... I feel like I'm just away at camp, not so much at college. Every morning I wake up to the smell of fresh forest air. I hear birds chirping and students talking outside my window. At night, i can actually see the stars. And the sunsets in Santa Cruz are none like I've ever seen. The college is located up on a hill so the view of the city and the ocean is breath taking. I've been meaning to take some pictures of the view, but I've just been so busy.

Going to college marks a new chapter of my life, one that I will hope will leave me with many expierences and numerous friends. Although many of my friends have gone their seperate ways and gone to different colleges, its a good opportunity to meet new people. But I still miss my old buddies. So far I've met a lot of intersting people. I've met a bunch of kids are interested in film and we are planning on joining a "film production club". I'm pretty siked on that because UC students don't really get to work on student films until their junior and senior year, and this club will allow us to start right away. I've met a few kids on my residence hall that seem cool. The only downside is my roommate would rather be on the computer than go outside. He's a nice person and all, but there are some things that really bother me. Apparently he is not a fan of taking many showers, and he doesn't like to brush his teeth much. The smell has gotten so bad, that I actually went out and bought a glade air freshener. You can probably figure out by now why I try to spend as little time as possible in my room.

Other than that I'm having a great time. Classes started yesterday, and I really like all my classes. Also, my classes are all very close to my dorm so I don't have to run around campus (considering UCSC is VERY large). I'm taking a film class where we watch old movies from the 70's, a class on astronomy, and then a mandatory writing class that has to do with "writing across the arts." I actually have a lot of homework i should probably doing right now, but here are a few recent pictures I've taken of Santa Cruz so people can get a taste of what it's like up here... and trust me, the pictures don't so this place justice!


DtheGreat said...

nice pictures i like the tree ones

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